DIY Wrap Staining

After perusing online for more props (non-stop), I found them to be SO crazy expensive. $10-15 per wrap on Etsy, plus shipping (and $20+ for hats and headbands, but that's another post), when you want a variety of colours, yet want to be able to feed your family, making your own is a great alternative.

The cotton cheesecloth before staining.

So yesterday I left the kids with dad and took a trip to the fabric store to buy some cheese cloth for $2.50/meter and some dye for $2.50 per box (that will last me probably six million wraps). I'm sure if I ventured down to the good ol' US of A I would be able to find it for cheaper, even online, but that is way too much time, effort and patience, all of which are already maxed out by my small children at this time.

While getting my wrap, I asked the "fabric cutting lady" (is there an official name for them?) if there was anything in a similar type of fabric that looked like burlap, and she suggested tea-staining the cheese cloth! So I obviously went home and Googled; I found a variety of methods to tea-stain things, then I just kinda of winged it.

First, I cut the cheesecloth into about 1.5 meter chunks for each wrap. I plan to use actual dye for the other wraps. 

I took a bunch (7-8) of Darjeeling tea bags that were left over from my Kombucha-making days and put them in a pot, then poured about 8 cups of fresh boiled water from my kettle. I let the tea steep for about 10 minutes until it was nice and dark, and took the tea bags out. I put my cut section of wrap in the pot and stirred often, I let it sit for about an hour.

I then removed the cheese cloth and rinsed with cold water until it ran clean, and let it dry overnight. 

This morning I looked at my creation and decided that it was too light, and too red, I wasn't in love with the colour. (As you can see, the tea looks red in the picture on the box, so I'm not really surprised)

This is a picture of the cheesecloth soaking in the coffee.

This is a picture of the cheesecloth soaking in the coffee.

So I decided to re-stain it, but I didn't have any other black teas that I wanted to use up, so after another quick Google search I decided to do the same thing with coffee. I didn't want to use my good coffee, so I found some instant Nescafe Espresso in my cupboard from 5 years ago that I bought for a cake recipe. Perfect.  I dumped a bunch in the hot water, probably 10 heaping tablespoons, and let the wrap soak for another hour, stirring often. 

Now my wrap is dry and I am loving the colour!!! I can't wait to wrap a teeny baby up in it!

Before and After

Before and After

TIP - Don't go to the fabric store on a weekend this close to Halloween