Your Questions |  Answered


Do you do maternity photos? Yes! I do maternity photos as an add-on to any other session (maternity/birth). They cost $175 for a 30 minute session and 5 digital images.

How much is your travel fee? Generally between $15-20, mainly to pay for bridge tolls and extra gas

How many photos are included? Each session package includes a set amount of photos...but I may throw in a few extras for you

Can I print the photos myself? Yes! This is something I look for when I hire a photographer for myself, so I like to be able to offer this to my clients. You are able to print up to 8x12, any larger can be ordered through me.

How will you deliver the photos to me? You will receive your photos in an online gallery or via a zipped file in dropbox depending on the type of session

What if my home doesn't have enough natural light? I always bring a light as a backup, just in case! 

What if my baby doesn't sleep during the session? I have yet to have a session where baby didn't sleep at all, it's nearly impossible for a newborn to stay awake for 3 hours. But I always manage to get some lovely awake photos, and photos of baby blinking, so at least they look like they're asleep!


What if my baby is going through a growth spurt and won't stop fussing/eating? Sometimes, this happens, babies often go through a growth spurt around 10 days old and will not stop fussing. I have worked through it many times, but if I am not happy with the photos we were able to get or we aren't able to get enough, then I will come back and do a lifestyle session for you at my discretion

Do you do family photos? Family photos are not something I advertise, but I will happily do them for my past clients

What if I don't want photos done in my home, do you have a studio? I do have access to a space we can use as an in-home studio space in Pitt Meadows if your place isn't big enough or is too dark