Baby Cooper | Fresh 48 and Newborn Session


Cooper’s family contacted me after seeing a post on a local Facebook moms group that I had done. They were my first official purely Fresh 48 session, and I loved it so much! Mom had a scheduled c-section and wanted photos of their 3.5 year old daughter and parents meeting their newest family member.

We knew when the day was coming (barring she didn’t go into labour early), so it was really quite nice to have a session like this actually scheduled in advance! I had been texting them the night before and the day of, checking in on schedule changes etc. for her c-section. 


Special moments between father and son <3


They ended up being delayed at RCH, but I still came around 3:45pm to get a few shots in and be ready for when her parents arrived with their daughter.


How sweet is it to be with a family and included in this precious time, welcoming a new baby into their family. Being able to capture these moments for them so they will never forget them was just amazing. 


Cooper was already nursing like a champ only a couple hours after his birth :)


Mom had amazing care at Royal Columbian Hospital and was so pleased with how everything went. She got to see Cooper right away and dad got skin-on-skin while she got stitched up. 

Enjoy their lovely slideshow and lovely review below!

"I would love to send a big thanks and say what an amazing job Alyssa did. We hired her to shoot a first 48 hr shoot and our newborn pictures for my new little family.   We had her come to RCH just hours after my scheduled csection.  We had it timed for her to take pics of my 3 year old daughter & my parents to meet the new little man in our lives. We really wanted memories and moments to be captured. I really had to let down my guard as I knew I would be not be at my physical best after being pregnant with a 9 pound mini human and having major surgery.   Alyssa caught so many moments and still gave me dignity. She exceeded our expectations and more! The pictures we have are so precious and bring me so many tears of joy that I am so grateful we have them. Having a csection is a little chaotic with nurses fussing and the drugs they give you but I have the pictures that we have always to remember the great moments of the that day.

She also exceeded our expectations with our newborn shoot. Alyssa had such patience with our little man who was not always cooperating and he even treated her with her first poop right in her hand. She was not phased to say the least and had such patience for my 3 year bouncing around while all this was happening."

- Bree & Ethan

Cooper's Newborn Session


Only 5 days later I got to come to their home to be reunited and do Cooper’s newborn session! Mom was recovering well, and big sister was very excited and curious about all of the things I brought over to her house. It’s so fun doing sessions with older siblings who are the same age as my daughter, I love knowing exactly how to interact with little ones the same age as mine. She had a bit of a love for my name and kept repeating “Alyssa, Alyssa, Alyssa…”, it was pretty darn adorable.

Mr. Cooper was being a bit fussy, and really didn’t want to miss out on what was all going on at his new home! He had lots of feeding and snuggle breaks, but we still ended up with a ton of amazing shots, so we were all really happy with the results from this snuggle bug.


Cooper not only peed on me, but also was the first baby to do a wonderful full poop in my hand (the good news being, he was much less grumpy after!)

Congratulations Cooper, you win this one ;)


Ahh and can't forget the sweet sibling shot!


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