Exciting news up over here (all of my Instagram followers already got a heads' up on this one... you should probably head over there and follow me so you don't miss anything else). I am expecting in November and we are having another boy! So I will be taking a few months off of doing newborns until January/February and about 6 months off doing births, starting up again around June...during this "off" time I will be practicing lots on my own newborn, so don't worry, I won't get rusty ;)


Fingers crossed this little one will take a bottle unlike my other two stubborn little monkeys! I am determined and extra motivated this time. (PS has anyone tried these bottles? I don't like plastic, but I don't love glass because heating the milk is a pain in them as I'm always terrified the glass is going to shatter with temp stainless steel sounds like a good...and only alternative).


SO I took a self-portrait to announce this fun news. I will be taking more fun maternity photos around the house, I have my tripod and remote ready, I just need to find some time between chasing after my other two little ones, editing your lovely photos and dying of heartburn to do it!

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