Gagnon Family Film | Documentary Family Photography Vancouver

When I asked Samantha why she wanted a family film, this was her response >>

"Every day, no matter how tired or worn out I feel, when I tuck my kids into bed, a huge wave of sadness rushes over me because I know tomorrow they will be that little bit bigger. It feels like time moves way too fast and soon, they won't be my little babies any longer. I would love to be able to capture this in video. I take lots of photos...but video is something totally different. It almost captures it all. The movement and the sounds. The vibration of my family." 

I couldn't describe it any better. The movement, sounds and vibrations of her family...

Alyssa Kellert is newborn, birth, documentary and lifestyle photographer as well as a birth doula, and is located in Greater Vancouver, BC Canada. Head over to her Facebook page to see more of her most recent work at, or follow her on Instagram @alyssakellertphoto. You are welcome to email at or use the contact page on this site for more information!