These are the Days // 365 Daily Photo Project - February 2018

How can it be the end of February already?! (Well it's short month, to be fair). This month was rain, rain and more rain, and some snow, and a little freezing cold Vegas thrown in there.

In our 365 group, we take turns coming up with weekly themes to help add a bit of variety and keep ourselves interested in the project (some days you just don't feel like picking up a camera at. all.) Some of the themes in February were: all about us (self portraits or photos of things we love), creative lens distortion, using one light in your home to shoot with for the week, picking a colour to theme the week. I may or may not have followed most of the themes well, haha, but there are no hard rules ;) 

I'm currently in a class with Kirsten Lewis called Portfolio and Perspectives, and one of my projects this month was to journal about who I am right now and how I'm feeling, and do a self-portrait that portrays that, so that was a difficult challenge and definitely took more than a few attempts! My final self portrait that I submitted to the class is at the very end of this post.

I'll also put the link to the next person in my blog circle down there, so be sure to follow along to see some wonderful work! Enjoy :) 

And finally, my self portrait (that was actually taken in Las Vegas in our hotel room, and it was so hard!). We were asked to write down some things about ourselves, about where we are at in life, how we are feeling. Something we'd want to encompass in an image.

It seems that when you become a parent, everyone just cares about the kids and you kinda disappear. Anyone else feel like that?

I have been nursing for 6.5 years (tandem nursing in between until each was about 2.5/3). I have never parented without my kids physically using my body for nourishment. It's hard to truly know myself apart from being a mother when I don't even have my body to myself. 


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Here's the whole month together if you'd like to see it too!

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