366 Project - These are the Days | AUGUST

I think August was my 'itch' month, you know, like the 7 year itch... I was SO un-inspired and done creating this month. I missed a couple days, but had multiples, phone photos or film stills to take from other days. The first half of the month was spent working on my film project with Everyday Films (you can see the film at the bottom of this post, or here). It was a lot of work, and really took a lot out of me creatively, but was also so amazing, and the end result made it SO worth it. HOWEVER, the rest of my month suffered a bit. There were a lot of days where I didn't want to pick up my camera or didn't want to bother brining it with me when we went somewhere (because with 3 kids, especially with a baby, you have to bring a LOT of stuff). So sad that summer is coming to a close, but my oldest heads to Kindergarten in September, so we will have lots of new interesting things happening in our lives, which I am excited about :) 

This month we got a zipline in the backyard, my baby turned 9 months old, we vacuumed the car (woot!), gardened and napped, went to the corn maze (I love those rocking chairs!), found a cat that pretty much lives in our yard, she comes out to play when we have friends over and chases the kids on the zipline, made an audience with all our stuffed animals (so. many.), went to the PNE and watched the Superdogs, snuck around outside nana's house (she lives next door), and had an early birthday party for my oldest who is turning FIVE in September (the babies had their own flower-eating party). 

After you watch my film, it's time to head over to Francesca's blog for August. She's amazingly talented and I love her "one second a day" films so much! 

And finally, the real fruits of my labour. My family film!

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