366 Project - These are the Days | JANUARY

This is my first ever blog circle, and I think it may be JUST the thing I need to keep me accountable to keep blogging. 

About 5 years ago my parents sold their house and I was handed all of my childhood in boxes. Going through the boxes I found many, many journals. You'd think they would be really exciting to look at, to read stories from my childhood, and remember some of the silliness that I thought was so dramatic and life-changing. BUT no. I think I found about 8 nice journals/diaries, and each one had a grand total of 2 pages written in them (which were hilarious of course). So this is me. This is how good I am at keeping up a blog ;) 

This year I started my first 365 project (well a 366 project because it's a leap year), and it's been wonderful for me to have something to be working on daily (apart from keeping up my photography business and staying home with my 3 little ones). My challenge is definitely not shooting every day, but uploading and editing! (I'm in a wonderful Facebook group that helps to keep me accountable for uploading though!)

These personal photos will not be the most amazing or technically sound. Many will have terrible lighting. But they are life. They are real. My family. 

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