366 Project - These are the Days - May

May was a fun month. My baby turned 6 months old this month (I'm devastated that he's even growing at all. I never think it will actually happen to me). My kids were their usual goofy selves. My 4.5 year old learned how to ride a bike (no training wheels, straight from a balance bike!). I braved the beach with all 3 of them. We did a 1/2 day trip to Bellingham, WA (but I didn't bring my camera). 

I've had to try to get a bit more creative and it's really pushing me! At least the weather is nice and we can be outside and in more locations :) I'm still weighing (pun intended) taking my big camera with me in my diaper bag for every outing. Three kids = a LOT of stuff to carry around. Next month I want to get braver, and not care what people think when I want to pull my camera out at the library or store.

This month I also signed up for a DSLR Film workshop that I am crazy excited about this summer!

When you're done here, head over to Margaret's May favourites to take a look at her gorgeous macros, and shed a little tear about her daughter graduating!

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