A New Years Baby | Vancouver and Fraser Valley Birth Photographer

To mark little Connor's 1st birthday (on New Years Day!), I am so excited to share his birth story! ❤️❤️❤️

Attending the birth of a friend is such a special honour! When my friends value me, and let me know I am well worth the money, it gives me allll the feels. 

I was away over Christmas of 2016 and was away DURING mama's due date. I had a backup photographer, but I was SO hoping I would make it to this birth. The weather was also crazy snowy and icy during the winter of 2016/17 and they live on a steep hill. We were worried that she would get stuck birthing at home and nobody would be able to get to her! But the roads were clear and the timing was perfection.

This was the first birth that I have gotten called to over Facebook Messenger, ha! And it was my first birth of 2017! Connor’s mom and I were chatting about her contractions, and then all of a sudden her husband messages me to tell me to meet them at the hospital…you know it’s the real deal when mom can’t type anymore!

Mama got to the hospital and was 10cm already. Her and her husband made an amazing team, serious doula dad. Mom pushed for a couple hours, and had her perfect little boy Connor!

I stayed for a while after his birth to get photos and video Connor’s twin big sisters meeting their new baby brother, and I’m SO glad I did.

What an amazing way to start 2017 for all of us. Happy 1st Birthday Connor, it's been wonderful being able to watch you grow this year ❤️😭

Alyssa Kellert is newborn, birth, documentary family photographer + film maker as well as a birth doula, and is located in Greater Vancouver, BC Canada. Head over to her Facebook page to see more of her most recent work at facebook.com/alyssakellert, or follow her on Instagram @alyssakellertphoto. You are welcome to email at info@alyssakellert.com or use the contact page on this site for more information!