Bowen and Family | Newborn Photography in Maple Ridge

I love photographing the Bjerkness family! I have done newborn photos for their 2nd youngest, and also a family film for them. I was excited to be able to capture the craziness of 4 kids 5 and under :) 

We opted to do the session at Emily’s in-laws place, as they had a bright bedroom we could work with and a great yard as well. Of course it was pouring rain that day, ha! 

We started off attempting sibling photos in the bedroom, which went as expected (haha!) and then we decided to head outdoors after a few family photos when the kids had had enough. The rain had let up a bit and Emily’s father in law followed me around sheltering my camera with an umbrella. The kids of course didn’t care about the rain (except for Brooks who insisted upon wearing his big winter jacket instead of the nice one his mom had picked out for him). 

After the kids needed to go inside, they went straight for the bath and I was able to capture some photos with just Emily, Todd and baby Bowen, plus a bit of big sister in there. 

We were all so pleasantly surprised at how well the photos turned out! I love the sessions that are crazy and real and totally encompass what life is like with 4 little ones :) 

Such a beautiful, fun family.