These are the Days // 365 Daily Photo Project - January 2018

I am SO excited to be starting this new daily photo project this year. Last year I missed it so much, I missed capturing all our memories (even the boring ones). My kids love looking through our album. My daughter likes to bring our daily project albums to school for show and tell. It's the absolute best. 

Don't forget to follow our small blog circle (link at the bottom) to see some more amazing images from some inspiring photographers from around the world. 


January was a dark and dreary month here in the Pacific Northwest. So much rain. Cold and so wet! It was hard to get outdoors, but we tried to get out as much as we could (I mean, we do live in Vancouver, aka Rain City, so we are kinda used to it.) Here are some favourites from our month!


Okay, this beach day was hard to pick a favourite, so it gets a slideshow! Which is your favourite?


This year, I think my two year old will be my 'muse'. He does the weirdest things and must do everything his way. Thank goodness he is my last, because I am thoroughly enjoying it (most days). 

To keep ourselves sane, we go out almost every day. I always have my camera with me. Sometimes we all need a little change of scenery (mostly for mom's sanity). Especially in this nearly non-stop rain. 


On the last day of January, I attempted some self portraits. Some alone and some with the kids. This photobomb was my favourite frame. 


Now go check out my amazing real-life fellow photographer/doula friend Kendal Blacker's favourites from the month. She is a beautiful person inside and out and her images truly reflect it. 

Alyssa Kellert is newborn, birth, documentary family photographer + film maker as well as a birth doula, and is located in Greater Vancouver, BC Canada. Head over to her Facebook page to see more of her most recent work at, or follow her on Instagram @alyssakellertphoto. You are welcome to email at or use the contact page on this site for more information!