Day in the Life MARCH | These are the Days 2017

This month I tried to pick the most interesting day, but the rain made it very...indoors. It's pretty much been raining here forever. Like most rain/snow since 1937. We miss the sun.

Our day started like a pretty normal day. Skipping school, breakfast (not pictured) Frozen Soundtrack dance party (also not pictured)...getting an injury from said dance party, and my littlest sabotaging my bathroom while I tried to get ready for our long day while taking photos all at the same time. 

Then we drove to Science World. My mom joined us with my 6 year old nephew and my 13 year old cousin, and Jonathan also came with us. We all drove separate cars because I am currently on-call for births, and had to be sure I could leave asap if I got called since I was a bit further away.

We made it (ugh, rushour sucks!) We also bought memberships (Nana's birthday gifts for the kids from last year)! So we will be going lots this year. 

Jonathan left us at about 3pm as he had an appointment to go to in Vancouver. After the main stuff at science world, we went and got some fries at White Spot (inside Science World), and when we came out they were making giant bubbles around the kids! So the kids all did about 4 rounds of that each before we left. We had lots of fun and were there from about 10:15 until almost 5pm! I don't plan on staying this long again. 

After science world I dropped my youngest off with Jonathan to bring home to put to bed, and I took the older two kids straight to Awana Club where I also volunteer since I'm there already anyway, and we were there from 6-7:45. I didn't take any photos because it was an insane rush to get there, and it's crazy WHILE I'm there, and I may have also forgotten.  

Once we got home, my 1 year old was already in bed, and we had a late dinner/snack of toast with peanut butter while the kids watched a bit of a hockey with Jonathan (at like 9pm, it was way past their bedtime). Then off to bed! 

It was a fun day, with nightmarish lighting, but great memories ;) 

Side note: I also got scrabble tiles of our names this month! 

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