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An amazing HBAC birth story film of Erin + Cody's rainbow baby ❤️

I was called the morning of June 16 and given a heads' up the morning of Sara's birth, then mama called again me shortly after asking me to come right away! I had arranged all my childcare at that point and headed over right away! I love when I get to arrive with some extra time before babies arrive so I can really capture the whole story.

When I arrived, her doulas and husband were already hard at work supporting her on the couch. It was such a beautiful thing to witness. As her birth progressed, things got more intense, her midwife arrived and she moved from the couch to the bathroom, then eventually made her way into the pool. She laboured so beautifully in the pool as she brought her baby down. Her midwife (Nicole from Aveta Midwifery) is one I've worked alongside many times, and it's always so lovely to see such a hands-off, calm midwife in action. 

Baby Sara was born that afternoon in to water at home at around 1:40pm, witnessed by her dad, brother, sister, grandmother and the rest of their amazing birth team. She weighed 7lb 14oz.

After the placenta was born and lots of snuggles and nursing, mom and Sara were transferred to the hospital via ambulance, as her midwife was uncomfortable with the amount of postpartum bleeding that Erin was having. She had a great experience at the hospital and came back home soon after!

So much love at this birth. It was so beautiful. Welcome home baby Sara, you are so loved!

Amazing doula support from Ridge Meadows Doula Services

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