Halfway Done! | 100 Days of Summer

Yesterday marked 50 days (already!?!?). This summer I started a personal project called “100 Days of Summer”. A photo every day for the whole summer (well May 29 to September 5, since the actual summer doesn’t have 100 days). I decided to take the summer off births to focus on my family without being on-call. I have been loving it! I have missed my daily photo project this year, and it’s fun to be back in it every day. Now that my oldest has started school, our school-free time is so limited and I am savouring the summertime!

I have also been filming each day, and have made a ‘100 seconds of summer’ film. One second a day. We are halfway through, I am in love, and I can’t wait for the final result!

Aaand I realized there were no photos or video of me, so we end off with some obligatory self-portraiture.


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