A Long but Quick Hospital Birth | Coquitlam Birth + Documentary Photographer

I was hired by this sweet first time mama only about 2-3 weeks before her due date! It was an induction, she had a date set, and it should have been pretty predictable…but BOY were we wrong! She laboured for two and a half days, things were going slow, she got to 2cm the entire two days.


Her sister-in-law was my contact and was keeping me updated throughout the night via text. She said she would let me know if anything changed as mama was trying to sleep. Next text was “SHE’S PUSHING”! Followed by “BABY IS HERE! She came so fast! 2cm-10cm in under an hour!” This is a great example of the unpredictability of birth, as this doesn’t happen very often with first time mamas! Nothing could have been done to prepare any of us for this and sometimes babies like to make their own entrance into the world.


So sad that I had missed the birth, I rushed to the hospital and got to capture the whole family meeting little Amara, which was THE sweetest.


I then came back later that afternoon once everyone had a chance to get some rest to get more photos for a Fresh Baby session. The natural light was beautiful in their recovery room! This girl is going to be very loved!


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