School Sessions Fundraiser | Mini-Sessions at Rocky Point Park, BC

I am so excited to be a part of this great fundraiser called The School Sessions to build a school in Haiti. Michele Mateus Photography (who found the idea) and I are partnering up to do mini-sessions for families, 100% of the money goes toward building this school. We are also opening two spots to families who lost everything in a local fire in Coquitlam with just a minimum $10 donation to help them create  new memories with their family. 



E.C.C.A. School (Ecole Chretienne du Centre de L’Agneu) was founded in 2007 by Mr. Duckenson and Mrs. Francois Laguerre. Five years ago, a horrific earthquake completely destroyed their building (along with thousands of other schools) but the Laguerres continued to teach,allowing many kids to attend their programs for free. Laguerre remembers, In spite of our building being destroyed, parents sent their kids to our school. We asked why they chose ECCA, they said: ‘You inspire in us faith, hope and a future for our children.’” Operational funding for ECCA is provided by a family’s ability to pay along with support from Hope Force and other organizations. If they can afford it, tuition fees are $160 US a year per student but many children attend every year for “next to nothing.”


The School Sessions is raising $200,000 to buy land and fund construction of a ten-classroom, concrete, earthquake- and hurricane-proof building. Our partner organization, Hope Force International,will be managing all funds and working with a local contractor on the project. The contractor’s previous experience includes World Relief sponsored homes and ‘Houses of Hope.’ ECCA’s motto is “Educated to Serve.” The Laguerres, other teachers and families of students in the community will all be involved in this project, volunteering their time to make the building happen. 

All information about this fundraiser is from The School Sessions website, please go there to find out more about this project!

Michele wrote a great post about this as well :)

Please contact if you would like to book a spot. Space is limited!