I'm Alyssa, these little ones are who I spend my days with.

Earl Grey Tea I drink it constantly with just a bit of soy milk...specifically Stash Earl Grey. Because it's my FAV. I am a flexitarian -- I'm super picky about where my meat comes from (I've watched WAY too many food documentaries!) Side note: The "Oh She Glows" cookbook is ah-mazing. My favourite colour is green. I was married at 21. We have 3 kids, one girl and two boys within about 4 years.  I am the oldest of 3 girls myself. I prefer savoury over sweet (don't get me wrong, I love some good organic fair-trade chocolate). I don't like mushrooms, olives, seafood, papaya, fake/dried fruit with + chocolate or super spicy food. I'm not a very neat person and hate cleaning, but I enjoy a tidy house. I like to plan and make a lot of lists. I travelled a lot before I got married (Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Dubai, India, Nepal, Kenya, Tanzania, plus lots of travel around the US of A). Sadly these were pre-photography days for me, so I must go again! I'm also an introverted extrovert. I am not afraid to speak out about injustice. I love spending most of my evenings at home...not sure if it's because I have 3 small children and desperately need the alone time, or if it's actually legitimate, ha!

Want to get to know me and my family a little more? Watch the family film I made for us below :) 

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