The sweetness of my life stems from the three small children that call me mom.  

These little ones are whom I spend my days with.  

Our everyday story is filled with chaos and curiosity.  We explore. We play. We get messy.

It’s not always pretty, but it’s my definition of perfect.


Your everyday life is a whirlwind of bedhead, sandwich crusts, and muddy footprints. 
A balancing act of mother, wife, and self.  

Who has time for endless scrolling on social media (although Pinterest constantly calls your name)? And why is it so hard to choose between making dinners, getting outside for some fresh air and reading just one more story? 

I am right there with you.  

the essence...

  • Grew up and still reside in the Lower Mainland (Vancouver) in Beautiful British Columbia. But I was born in the Okanagan!

  • I was married at 21 to my almost high school sweetheart. We are both business owners who love having the freedom to do things we love with our family on our own terms. My husband is from Alberta.

  • Three wild and crazy kids, one girl and two boys within about 4 years. Yes it’s busy. I wouldn’t change it for the world. My heart is full.

  • Oldest of 3 sisters. The care-taker, the decision maker, the motherer, the rule follower.

  • Introverted extrovert. I enjoy being social and I like to hide in big crowds. My personality type is ISFJ-T + Enneagram 6. What’s yours?

  • Evenings at home alone. Yes please. I’m not sure if it's because I have 3 small children and desperately need the alone time, or if it's actually legitimate, but this is my favourite way to spend an evening.

  • Green. As in the colour. It’s my favourite. Any shade but fluorescent.

  • Early Grey Tea aficionado. Drink it constantly. Stash is my FAV.

  • Flexitarian. Watched way too many food documentaries and am now extremely picky about where my meat comes from. I’m forever grateful for the Oh She Glows cookbook. Ah-maz-ing.

  • Savoury over sweet. Except when there is some QUALITY chocolate involved.

  • Avoids at all costs. Mushrooms, olives, seafood, papaya, fake fruit with + chocolate and super spicy food. I thought my trip to India would have made me like spicy food, but NOPE.

  • Untidy + hate cleaning. Not the best combination. Especially because I really enjoy a tidy house.

  • List maker extraordinaire. Like this one you’re reading right now. And the questionnaire you’ll fill out before your session. Lists bring order to chaos in my world. I love lists. There, I said it.

  • Worldwide traveller. In a previous life. Before the kids. Before the marriage. My passport has stamps from Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Dubai, India, Nepal, Kenya, Tanzania, plus lots of travel around the US of A. Sadly these were pre-photography days for me, but that’s just a great excuse to go back again, right?

  • Doula. Birth rights matter. I started my journey in the birth world as a photographer, but I saw a lot of things just happen to women, when the women should have been the ones making decisions. I decided that I needed to do something more than just witness and document at these births.


Nice to meet you.  

We probably have so much in common.  

Mostly loving on our kids, relishing in their endless curiosity, and trying to keep them alive.

I love the way the seemingly unconnected moments in our lives are intricately woven together to form this ever-evolving story. Your very own in all its chaotic beauty.

And that’s pretty amazing.  

I photograph (and film) the moments that weave your family’s story - the ones that make you feel, the ones that make you breathless, and the ones that sweeten with the passage of time.

Here’s what I mean.  Watch this film.

SOME OF MY personal 365 project...