What my clients are saying...


"I think the reason why Alyssa is so well respected and loved by her clients is because she has the ability quietly sit back and capture moments. She doesn’t just take pictures. I’ve done many photo sessions with her. All of them were dear to my heart; a last family photo with extended members before the passing of my grandma, my second pregnancy and ultimately the birth story of my son. She also do our first 24 and captured my sons first bath with me! These photos always bring me back to the raw emotion I was experiencing. Alyssa is kind, flexible and talented. I am so thankful to have her to call on when the annual photos are needed!"

- Katy 


"It was really cool to have Alyssa come back to take photos of my daughter recently! 2 1/2 years ago she took photos of my son when he was 6 weeks old and now to have her capture our life now was so special. I was a little nervous on how my crazy toddler would be but Alyssa handled it perfectly and went with the flow, even when my son INSISTED on having snacks and holding his baby sister! She was so reassuring and calming and as someone who isn't the biggest fan of getting my picture taken she made it super fun and enjoyable! Thank you so much for the gorgeous photos!"

- Sierra


"We invited Alyssa into our home to do a newborn lifestyle shoot and we couldn't be happier with our photos! Alyssa was a total professional from the very first point of communication. She was organized and always followed up in a timely fashion, answering all of my questions. She instantly made all of us feel very comfortable in front of the camera and directed everyone efficiently as we also have a toddler with the usual short attention span! Our photos arrived in exactly 2 weeks as she promised which I was pleased about as many photographers often take longer. She took many photos and made sure to give everyone time in front of the camera so we have a variety of photos to treasure forever. Thanks so much Alyssa for capturing the newest addition to our family so beautifully!"

- Rosine

"This testimonial is long overdue! I saw Alyssa's amazing work on a friends Instagram page. I knew that her style is exactly what I wanted when our bundle of joy would arrive! We had our baby boy mid September'16. Alyssa was extremely professional and most importantly soo gentle and caring with our new arrival. I had full trust in her handling my son, and she made sure he was comfortable at all times. My husband and I aren't the most natural in front of a camera (more so me than him) and Alyssa made it so easy to relax and be ourselves, which really reflected in her photos. I will and already have recommended her to many of my friends and hope that you too decide to have her as your photographer! You wouldn't regret it, Alyssa is fantastic! 

Thank you so much again for capturing the first memories of our little one!"

- Adriana, Majid & Anthony


"We are beyond thrilled with the lifestyle newborn shoot we did with Alyssa - her work is absolutely beautiful! Our little guy was a very fidgety 6 week old and she managed to get great posed newborn shots of him to our surprise. The entire shoot turned out better than I could have ever hoped for - we are extremely pleased and look forward to working with Alyssa in the future!"



"Alyssa did such an amazing job capturing timeless pictures of our little one and our family. I love how she did a variety of 'real life' and propped photos! The day was relaxed and easy, she made us feel so comfortable even with the interruptions to feed and comfort our baby. I love our photos and have so many favorites! I would highly recommend Alyssa for your newborn photo shoot"

- Nicole


"A big thank you to Alyssa for doing the lifestyle photo session for my family. I have been following her blog for a while and love the 366 Project she is doing with her children. Hence when my 2nd child was born, I knew I would love to have her take the lifestyle photos for us. She was attentive in preparing for the photo session (a questionnaire to fill out!) and very patient with my naughty toddler during the photo session. We absolutely love the photos too! Thank you Alyssa!!"

- Joanne


"We had a newborn lifestyle shoot with Alyssa when our son was two weeks old. All of the pictures are gorgeous, much more so than I expected! Alyssa was laid-back and put us all at ease in front of the camera. She's skilled and a natural. Our baby wanted to nurse most of the time and she worked around this with ease. I absolutely recommend her!"

- Emily + Kevin


"We're absolutely in love with our fresh baby photos from Alyssa! Having her come to the hospital to capture some of our son's first moments with his family was one of the best decisions we could make. We contacted her last minute when we found out that I would have to have a scheduled c-section and my family would not be in town to meet our new addition. Of course nothing goes as planned and our little one arrived 4 days earlier than his scheduled date. Alyssa was so flexible and accommodating. She was at the hospital to catch the first moments as our daughter got to meet her new baby brother. She has such an ability to catch the most candid and beautiful moments, her breathtaking photos will always be some of our most treasured memories. 

Alyssa, we can't thank you enough!"

Carley + Mike

"We loved our newborn lifestyle photoshoot with Alyssa!! She came to our home and made us feel so comfortable with her relaxed and calm approach and expertise! She worked so well with our newborn and toddler and captured precious moments we will cherish forever!"

- Krista

"After being a fan of Alyssa's work for years, I was so excited to get our newborn photos done by her when I found out I was pregnant! Alyssa is professional yet down to earth and it was an absolute pleasure working with her. Our pictures turned out more beautiful than I even imagined. I recommend Alyssa to all my friends and family and will definitely be going back to her in the future :)"

- Katie


"I absolutely LOVED having Alyssa on my birth team. I was delighted with my pregnancy photo's and video, it was so much fun to go out with my kids and have her get real life shots. I get nervous in front of a camera and she really helped put me as ease. She knew exactly how important birth, and capturing the memories, were to me and I trusted her. She showed up and hung out and was amazing! My kids, husband, birth team, and I were all comfortable with Alyssa. She took amazing pictures of my last birth and I could not be more grateful! A thousand thank yous for capturing these precious moments for my family and I!!!"

- Roxanna

"I am so in love with the work Alyssa did for our newborn session! She set up her studio in our living room, which is so convenient since you don't really want to leave the house with a newborn. She brought some beautiful props to use for the shoot, but if you have your own you can use them too. Alyssa was so patient with my little one, since he didn't want to sleep much. I will definitely use her again and totally recommend to others! Thank you Alyssa for the great memories!"

- Megan

"I am so happy that we chose to have Alyssa at our daughter's birth. Not only was she able to capture amazing photographs, but she provided great support as a doula as well. 

Even before I went into labour she provided us with advice and support and gave us valuable information to help make the best decisions for our baby's birth. During labour she showed my husband how best to help me (and her techniques saved me a ton of pain from back labour!!) and was there as a support reminding us to ask the right questions of our medical team. Meeting with her before I went into labour and talking through a lot of the options for birth made us feel a lot more confident going into the experience, and as first time parents we felt so much more reassured having her there on our side throughout the birth. After we came home she was still there to provide tips from breastfeeding to baby wearing - she was so helpful!

The photographs I have from that day are simply amazing. There is nothing like being able to look back at the exact moment your baby was born and relive your first moments with them. You can choose to have her photograph as much or as little as you want - and she was very respectful and discreet the entire time. I don't even remember seeing a camera. She captured some great moments and I will cherish those pictures forever. I also love the slide show she put together of the birth, it's so good I can't help but tear up every time I watch it.

We were also lucky to have Alyssa come to our home to do a lifestyle shoot with our little family. She took some great photos and even made our super colicky baby look like an angel. I love having beautiful pictures to remember our first weeks as a family of four (including puppy!).

If you are thinking about birth photography (and any type!) I would highly recommend booking Alyssa. You will be thankful to have those images captured beautifully forever. Thanks Alyssa we are so grateful you were there for baby E's birthday :)" 

- Tyler + Amanda


"I would love to send a big thanks and say what an amazing job Alyssa did. We hired her to shoot a first 48 hr shoot and our newborn pictures for my new little family.   We had her come to RCH just hours after my scheduled csection.  We had it timed for her to take pics of my 3 year old daughter & my parents to meet the new little man in our lives. We really wanted memories and moments to be captured. I really had to let down my guard as I knew I would be not be at my physical best after being pregnant with a 9 pound mini human and having major surgery.   Alyssa caught so many moments and still gave me dignity. She exceeded our expectations and more! The pictures we have are so precious and bring me so many tears of joy that I am so grateful we have them. Having a csection is a little chaotic with nurses fussing and the drugs they give you but I have the pictures that we have always to remember the great moments of the that day.

She also exceeded our expectations with our newborn shoot. Alyssa had such patience with our little man who was not always cooperating and he even treated her with her first poop right in her hand. She was not phased to say the least and had such patience for my 3 year bouncing around while all this was happening."

- Bree + Ethan

"We're so glad to have had Alyssa do our newborn photos! She was professional, calm and knew exactly what to do with our 5 day old baby girl. The shoot was WARM and relaxed and Alyssa made us all (especially baby Charlotte) feel comfortable. She turned our living room into her studio, so we didn't even have to leave home. We're so grateful to have these absolutely beautiful photos of the precious first days of life. Alyssa captured her perfectly and we will treasure these photos forever."

- Chelsey + Brett

"Alyssa did a outstanding job with our little muffin. Our daughter was only five days old when the photos were taken, and Alyssa understood exactly what to do in order to take great newborn photos.

She provided clear instructions on how to prepare baby for photos, and we are so thrilled with the outcome! Alyssa's props and backgrounds were tasteful and stylish. The variety of poses and props allowed there to be photos for anyone's taste.

She did a great job incorporating our ideas and some special family treasures. My husband and I would recommend Alyssa to anyone who wants photos that they can enjoy forever."

- Sarah + Lucas


"We can't thank Alyssa enough for capturing a special moment in our lives. The birth of E has a special place in our hearts, and we really appreciate her photos and enjoy looking back on them. Her artistic approach and ability to tell a story though images evokes deep emotions. Alyssa is truly gifted at her craft and we happily recommend her to families wanting to re-live their special day."

- Steve

"We are so very thankful that we had Alyssa photograph my labour and our daughter’s birth. A birth is such an intimate experience, one that you don’t want to just share with everyone. Meeting Alyssa, and seeing her excitement and interest in pregnancy and births set my mind at ease. Right from the start, Alyssa was extremely professional and thorough (for example, she sent us a questionnaire of what we were comfortable with and the types of photos we wanted).

During the labour, Alyssa was a quiet and calming presence. I didn’t feel like it was intrusive at all (I barely even noticed the camera), and she even offered a hand to squeeze when needed! When we received the photos, we were delighted! Alyssa is extremely talented behind the lens. She was able to capture all of the little details; the hospital halls, the newborn outfit that was awaiting the baby, comforting hands...the photos told our story. On top of the photos,  Alyssa also put together a breathtaking slideshow. I originally thought I only wanted her to capture the actual birth and the first few moments of our baby’s life. I didn’t think I would want to see photos of me labouring. Watching the slide show, I am so thankful she was there to capture the entire labour process. For me, it turned the intensity of the birth, into a beautiful story. It allowed me to sense the power behind the pain. My husband and I enjoy watching the slideshow together (sometimes through tears!) Words cannot express how thankful I am. A memory that we will indeed always treasure.

The only regret I have is that I didn’t have Alyssa for my first two births! Having Alyssa photograph our birth experience was a true gift. A gift I believe every new parent should have!" 

- Laura


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