This is not your typical family session.

It is a moving portrait of your family.

Film is magical.  Watch.

Alyssa is pretty much a miracle worker. She came over to do a family video for us and I thought there was no way she was going to get anything out of our 2 hours together but I WAS SO WRONG. The video she ended up making went way beyond my expectations. It perfectly captures this unforgettable time in our life when our children are still so special. My father in law was also able to join us, and when he passed away a few months later, having this video meant more to us then you can imagine. She is so talented and I am so happy I had her do this for us.
— Samantha Garcia Gagnon

Film creates a moving portrait of your family. 

Film preserves the memories of your favourite people and the things you normally do together in a way printed photographs cannot.

It captures mannerisms, voices, interactions and the story of your LIFE as it’s meant to be told right now.  

Forget about dressing up and looking perfect. Forget about your misbehaving kids.

This is real life.  This is your story. It’s you.


Creating a family film to tell your story is almost identical to creating photographs.  How you act and what you do is no different.  Instead of photographs, I make videos.  

Sessions are typically 3 hours and are held at your home or at a sentimental location of your choosing.  

They are best scheduled around a specific time of day, or outing, where normal, chaotic events happen.  Think of routines like bedtime, the morning rush, dinnertime or a comfortable Saturday morning.  Think of places like your home, the u-pick berry farm, your favourite beach, your cabin, the ice cream shop…the possibilities are endless!

You receive an HD video download to licensed music. Full length family films are typically 3 to 5+ minutes long.
With your full length family film, you also have the option to receive one posed family photograph.

All fees subject to applicable taxes.



Full family film | 1400

3-5 minutes long
(film only)

SHORT Film | 400

(Add-on to Photo Session only)
45 - 60 sec long

FULL LENGTH Film Gallery


Short Film Gallery