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I am a photographer, film maker and a birth doula. My dream is to help mamas have beautiful supportive and positive birth experiences that they want to remember always. From a planned c-section to a hands-off home birth, I believe that with the right education, support team and care provider, birth can be positive and empowering in any setting! The birth of a child is something that stays with you forever, and it is SO important to feel supported during this time with a solid birth team.

Each birth photography package includes an in-person consultation at the time of booking to make sure we are a great fit for each other. Once you decide to book, we will discuss what your birth preferences are, when to call me and what my role is. I will be on-call from 38 weeks for photography and/or doula, and work with an amazing backup photographer in the event that I am unable to make it. I will stay after your baby arrives for about 2 hours to capture your first moments as a family. 


All birth photography packages include:

  • On call from 38 weeks until birth
  • Full coverage of active labour, birth and up to 2 hours after birth
  • High resolution digital images (amount specified in each package)
  • Announcement photos within 24 hours

**Your $800, non-refundable retainer is due at the time of booking for my on-call time due to my limited availability for births each month. Remainder due 1 month before due date. Full video sessions may receive less images depending on the length of your birth. PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE!

All digital birth galleries are completely private, password protected and confidential, permission for me to share is granted on each individual photo by the client. Travel and hospital parking fees not included. Turnaround time for birth photos/films is approximately 4 weeks. 

** Birth photography is a powerful tool to be able to normalize birth and I absolutely love to be able to share photos to help raise awareness about how beautiful and powerful birthing women are, however, sharing images is NOT a requirement of working with me. Birth is very private, and I completely understand wanting to keep it that way. As little or as much as you would like to share, I will completely respect and support your decision!** 



I am on call from 38 weeks until your baby's birth. The session is approximately 1-2 hours long and will take place at your home or in the hospital within the first 48 hours of baby's life. I will be there to document this time with your new baby which may include siblings or family meeting baby, first bath, feeding, bonding etc. This is a wonderful alternative to birth photography, as it's a beautiful way to remember baby's first days in your family without having me there for the actual birth. These sessions lend themselves beautifully to film, as those little newborn grunts, squeaks and movements are gone so fast!

$700 | Mini Slideshow + Full Digital Gallery

$150 | Upgrade to Fusion Slideshow (Film + Photos)
$300 | Upgrade to Full Film (may reduce image amount)
$500 | Add 8x10 Hardcover Album

**Payment Plans Available



I will spend one hour with you, on-location at your home within the first two weeks of birth. I provide the herbs and help prepare a nice soothing mama and baby bath. This is a fantastic way to document baby's first bath while promoting postpartum healing for mom. 

$300 | Mini Slideshow + Full Digital Gallery
(or $200 when added to your birth story)

$150 | Upgrade to Fusion Slideshow (Film + Photos)
$300 | Upgrade to Full Film (may reduce image amount)

**Payment Plans Available





I believe that every woman deserves a positive and empowering birth experience, whether that's a scheduled c-section or a home birth. I am a huge advocate of informed choice!

Doula services are offered on their own, or as an add-on to your Birth Story or Fresh Baby photography session. My doula births include 2 first moment images after baby arrives.

Hiring me as your doula includes not only support during your birth, but also 2-3 Prenatal/PostPartum visits combined, depending on your needs. Prenatal visit(s) include evidence-based education to help you make informed choices every step of the way, tools for you to learn how to have a positive birth experience even through the unexpected, and how your partner/birth team can best support you throughout your birth, both physically and emotionally.

Your postpartum appointment(s) includes basic breastfeeding support, emotional support, answering questions or directing you to other local resources, basic newborn care, baby-wearing, baby sleep and how your friends and family can best support you during your recovery. 

Additional postpartum support is available at a rate of $25/hour during the day (3 hour minimum). This can include any extra help you need during your recovery time. Support can cover time where you just need to sleep and take a shower, someone to hold your baby for you while you rest, or help with things like laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, simple meals and other household tasks. No overnight support is available at this time.

**Payment Plans Available



I am on call for you from 38 weeks. You will receive 2-3 prenatal/postpartum visits combined, wherever you feel you need more support. You will have labour support from whenever you need me in your birthing process. You will receive the use of TENS machine and rebozo techniques for pain relief, and other support as needed, from making your partner take a break during a long birth, fetching ice chips for you or going on a food run. You decide what you would like my priority to be at your birth, doula support or photographer, however if you would like me to take more of a photography role, you must have other support people present at your birth! Please note, this is only available as an add-on to birth photography packages that don't include film.

**Payment Plans Available

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