I believe that every woman deserves a positive and empowering birth experience, whether that's a scheduled c-section or a home birth. I am a huge advocate of informed choice!


Doula services are offered only as an add-on to your Birth Story or Fresh Baby photography session. My doula births include 2 first moment images after baby arrives.

Hiring me as your doula includes not only support during your birth, but also 2 Prenatal or PostPartum visits combined, depending on your needs. Prenatal visit(s) include evidence-based education to help you make informed choices every step of the way, tools for you to learn how to have a positive birth experience even through the unexpected, and how your partner/birth team can best support you throughout your birth, both physically and emotionally. Since my doula services are combined with photography, you decide what you would like my priority to be at your birth, doula support or photography, however if you would like me to take more of a photography role, you must have other support people present at your birth! Please note, this is only available as an add-on to birth photography packages that don't include film except for in special circumstances. 

Your postpartum appointment(s) includes basic breastfeeding support, emotional support, answering questions or directing you to other local resources, basic newborn care, baby-wearing, baby sleep and how your friends and family can best support you during your recovery. 

Additional postpartum support is available at a rate of $25/hour during the day (3 hour minimum). This can include any extra help you need during your recovery time. Support can cover time where you just need to sleep and take a shower, someone to hold your baby for you while you rest, or help with things like laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, simple meals and other household tasks. No overnight support is available at this time.

**Payment Plans Available