I am a photographer, film maker and a birth doula. My dream is to help mamas have beautiful supportive and positive birth experiences that they want to remember always. From a planned c-section to a hands-off home birth, I believe that with the right education, support team and care provider, birth can be positive and empowering in any setting! The birth of a child is something that stays with you forever, and it is SO important to feel supported during this time with a solid birth team.

Each birth photography package includes a conversation (via phone, email or in person) to make sure we are a great fit for each other. Once you decide to book, we will discuss what your birth preferences are, when to call me and what my role is. I will be on-call from 38 weeks for photography and/or doula, and work with an amazing backup photographer in the event that I am unable to make it. I will stay after your baby arrives for about 2 hours to capture your first moments as a family. 

You will receive your images 4-6 weeks after the birth of your baby. This gives you a bit of time to process the birth from your perspective before you see it from mine. 


An $800, fee is due at the time of booking for my on-call time due to my limited availability for births each month. Remainder due 1 month before due date. Full video sessions may receive less images depending on the length of your birth. PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE!


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Birth photography is a powerful tool to be able to normalize birth and I absolutely love to be able to share photos to help raise awareness about how beautiful and powerful birthing women are, however, sharing images is NOT a requirement of working with me. Birth is very private, and I completely understand wanting to keep it that way. As little or as much as you would like to share, I will completely respect and support your decision!