All customizations are in addition to the session fee and image packages. Starred options must be selected prior to your birthing time, others may be added afterwards. You are welcome to think about it and add a customization anytime before 37 weeks gestation with some exceptions. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

$250 | Add Mini Maternity Session (30 minutes, 10 images)*
$400 | Add Newborn or Fresh Baby Session (1.5 hours, 25 images)
$600 | Add Doula Services (cannot be added to filmed births)*
$200 | Upgrade to Fusion Slideshow (photos + video clips)*
$200 | Add Herbal Bath (1 hour, 5 images; may only be added to another in-home session)
$500 | Add 8x10 Hardcover Album

*Must be added prior to your birthing time